The mystery of street art

by zozlinca

It was few years ago when I started to notice the drawings, paintings and stickers around me, on the streets. Of course I don’t think that all of these works are “art”, although who i am to pull the line between art and “simple graffiti”. See, I don’t even know the appropriate word for it. I only know that I find some of these works really special. The first painting that caught my eye was a work of Slow – I mentioned him before – near to my home, a characteristic black non-figurative bird on the long blank wall of Déli Railway Station. It was perfect like they were created to complete each other: the bird, the wall, the locating and the surrounding. It was there for quite a long time, but maybe a year ago it has been removed. I was sad, but as we know street art is temporary even if it’s a masterpiece. At that time I didn’t know who the artist was. For various reasons I made a research this spring to find out who is behind these birds and I succeeded so now I can easely follow him.

As he posts on his own blog, he has won a competition to redesign the facade of Trafó (a contemporary art house and theater). Yesterday I went there to see a theater premier so I could look at the wall with my eyes. And you know what? I didn’t like it. Everything was perfect just like at the railway station, but it has lost the mystery of street art. Or I missed the mystery of street art…